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Designed to serve food and beverage manufacturers

with waste heat between 200F to 400F


No CapEx required – 

we charge customers only for the electricity used, at a cost savings of 20%+ 

Small scale

Units are deployed at the source of waste heat

without requiring modifications to the line 

Turning waste heat into electricity

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Argyle Earth is developing a system for converting low-grade waste heat into electricity.

Awh shucks, we're excited that you're excited!

Meet The Team

Kristina McMillan | Co-Founder and CEO

Kristina is a published thought leader with over 20 years of startup experience. She helped build TOPO, a sales and marketing tech firm, which was sold to Gartner in 2019.

Christopher McMillan | Co-Founder and CTO

Christopher has 20 years of hardware and systems engineering experience. While at Cisco, he developed a patented process for recycling electricity in a test environment.

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