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Argyle Earth
"Heat-Smart" Generator

Argyle Earth not only offers a reliable backup power alternative, but also derives this power from non-fossil fuel energy sources. Our smart generator recycles heat from the environment and converts that heat to electricity, providing clean, renewable backup power.

Solutions - Top

Renewable Energy, Always Available

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Distributed Energy Resource (DER) provides flexibility and control

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Costs on par with average cost of electricity in US today.

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Efficient footprint can be scaled to meet implementation requirements

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Carbon Neutral solution requiring no fuel or CO2 emissions

The potential of heat power has been understood for centuries, but has been virtually untapped — until now.

Our Team


Kristina McMillan

Co-Founder and CEO

Kristina is a published thought leader with over 20 years of startup experience. She helped build TOPO, a sales and marketing tech firm, which was sold to Gartner in 2019.


Christopher McMillan

Co-Founder and CTO

Christopher has 20 years of hardware and systems engineering experience. While at Cisco, he developed a patented process for recycling electricity in a test environment.

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